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Aha, then you have thereby, in a certain way, also given me a lesson, which, in this regard, was certainly good. But against your advice, I then made an effort, in the USA, to bring interested American people to their feet in a FIGU group, but then which also failed, and indeed four times up until now. It has unfortunately been proven that most human beings in America do not understand what a democratic stance actually is, and that a FIGU group can only consist, and must exist, in a democratic manner.

Constantly, a ruling, directing and dictatorial behaviour was brought to the fore, but this was, and is, absolutely unacceptable, for which reason we had the Core Group dissolve the corresponding US American groups again. Obviously it does not appear to be understood that no class differences can be permitted in a FIGU democracy and that resolutions are not permitted to be made and carried out by individual practitioners of power in a group, rather solely by the majority of the group members.

There are no class differences in a democracy, because it is determined solely by the mass of the majority.

Actually, in the FIGU Core Group, we are still a very big step further, because, with us, our democracy has elevated such that resolutions are only valid if an absolute unanimity of all Core Group members is given. Apparently, however, in the USA — as unfortunately also in other countries — the human beings are not clear what democracy actually means and that a true community can really only exist in peace, freedom, harmony, and in equality, equal rights and equal values.

Naturally, in the US and in all other countries of the world, there are many human beings interested in the "Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life", that is to say, the "Spiritual Teaching", and who would like to have a FIGU group in their own country, but that can effectively only be possible if such a grouping is managed and led in compliance with the FIGU democracy.

I would also wish that for the USA, even though you are not happy with the lack of understanding of the majority of the American people in regard to their understanding of freedom, peace, harmony and democracy. But also the human beings in the USA can learn, and indeed there is a significant number who are interested in the teaching and are also making an effort to pay attention to the mission and teaching, live moderately, behaving in compliance with FIGU rules and the creational-natural laws and recommendations, and to thereby get a thus aligned group on its feet.

But this is unfortunately not easy, because many personal and also fellow human and administrative difficulties must be overcome, whereby the personal problems are well the largest and most comprehensive, and indeed specifically in terms of their own proper behaviour towards their fellow human beings and accepting the comprehensive democratic attitude and leadership of a FIGU group. Es hat sich leider erwiesen, dass die meisten Menschen in Amerika nicht verstehen, was eine demokratische Haltung eigentlich ist und dass eine FIGU-Gruppe nur in demokratischer Weise bestehen und existieren kann und darf.

Bei der Demokratie gibt es keinerlei Klassenunterschiede, denn es bestimmt einzig und allein die Masse der Mehrheit. Your opinion honours you, but you have yours and we have ours, whereby so far ours has come true. But we will be happy to be surprised and taught, which can perhaps indeed become possible if human beings in the USA, who are interested in the teaching and the mission, still do free themselves of their erroneous views, opinions and attitudes, and so forth, and can fit themselves into the rules of FIGU.

Deine Meinung ehrt dich, doch du hast die deine und wir unsere, wobei sich bisher unsere bewahrheitet hat. So there are also really good people over there who try very hard.

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If I thereby think solely of Michael Horn, who has already worked for so many years for the teaching and the mission, he and his work cannot be highly enough appraised. Indeed, not all human beings need to be working in his tireless scope, because a lesser commitment is already very valuable, and such a one can be achieved by many in America. However, these correspond only to a minority, but if they engage themselves, then much can be achieved through them. A small number of human beings can also achieve much and bring, in many others, change for the better and good, if they make an effort.

How does it go? Constant dripping wears away the stone. Considered in this sense, everything unloving, evil, unpeaceful and disharmonious, wrong and illiberal, as well as any Gewalt, addiction to rule and addiction to might, every hatred, every revenge as well as every addiction to retaliation, will, in the same way, be worn down to the ground, as well as everything dictatorial and which harms life and limb.

There is nothing there with which to argue, because your words correspond to reality. This, however, changes nothing in our attitude. If, in relation to the human beings and the behaviour of the American people, something changes for the better, for good and right, then we will also change our opinion.

But we are very pleased regarding the ongoing efforts for many years by Michael Horn, whereby he has provided extraordinary services, which are of inestimable value. While we also acknowledge the efforts of all those people in the USA who tried for decades to form a FIGU group and also made an effort in terms of learning the spiritual teaching; unfortunately they have not achieved the objectives they claimed they wanted to achieve. Dagegen kann nichts eingewendet werden, denn deine Worte entsprechen der Wirklichkeit. That which does not yet exist can always still come into being.

Actually, it must indeed be said, and you also know it, that from my side, for several years already, no further efforts have been made in relation to the formation of a FIGU group in the USA. The contact with a still loose group which — after the dissolution of the Florida FIGU group by the Core Group, has newly formed itself and at least currently cannot yet be designated as an official FIGU group — is held up only by Philia and Christian.

Time will tell what results from this group someday. You do know what has emerged from the FIGU-Japan-national group, so that the Core Group also had to dissolve that, because also there the leadership of the group dared to set itself up hierarchically and exercise their might over the members.

Sigrid Nesterenko

A transitional group is forming itself there which must be officially regulated in accordance with the laws of Japan. Additionally, I now think that this new FIGU group in Japan will elect persons who have integrity and do the right thing — or so we hope. Was aber noch nicht ist, kann immer noch werden. Was sich aus dieser Gruppierung dereinst ergibt, das wird die Zeit erweisen. The Core Group members thank you for your bouquet. But now still a question related to the earlier predictions: surely, also with these, you knew from the very beginning — as in the case with the US government — that all of you, and I, have made predictions and probability calculations which were unheard and unnoticed, like screams in the desert which remain and produce no echo.

We knew that. That is right, yet because of your constant insistence we agreed, and over the decades we made it our duty to undertake the fathoming for predictions. Additionally, we also thought that we perhaps erred with our probability calculations, and the predictions and calculations could indeed bring about something with the Earth human beings — that they would just prick up their ears and at least change certain serious things, or even prevent them.

All of our hopes, however, were a serious delusion to which we had succumbed, because the majority of the Earth human beings are so narrow-minded and high-handed that they build only upon their own unintellect, their own irrationality and illogicalness, and therefore they disregarded all warnings and good advice.

Verstopfungen loswerden und Blähungen was tun? Robert Franz

In truth, there are, in all the countries of the world, only minorities who know how to profoundly use their minds, their reason and their logic, and who are willing to turn to the reality and its truth, and also to learn, to understand and to implement the creational-natural laws and recommendations. You are talking once again completely in the sense that I do, and with words as I also formulate them. Even at my age I can still learn very much, thus also your so accurate manner of explanation, talking, presentation and speech. This is all so apposite that I myself make it more and more my own, because, to me, you are not only a very dear and precious friend, rather also a teacher, the likes of which I have never yet encountered in my lifetime.

You make me embarrassed, my friend. I would rather have you explain something to me a little more precisely: actually why, for some time now, enormous changes take place in the Oort cloud, which is located just at the outermost edge of the SOL system, as you explained to me in a conversation on my Great Trip in , when you permitted me to see the Dark Star.

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In one of our most recent conversations you also again privately indicated something regarding the changes taking place in the Oort cloud. You said that, due to the dark planet floating around out there, changes are taking place that will influence the whole SOL system.

To my knowledge, the terrestrial scientists suspected something along these lines, that the Dark Star exists out there, but, for them, everything is based on pure conjecture. To my knowledge, they use the name Nemesis for the alleged Dark Star. But the whole thing has nothing to do with the dark planet, which moves along its trajectory on the other side of the Sun and cannot be perceived from the Earth and haunts through the system, because I think that this has nothing to do with the Dark Star, Nemesis, or?

Du bringst mich in Verlegenheit, mein Freund. Das Ganze hat aber nichts mit dem Dunkelplaneten zu tun, der jenseits der Sonne seine Bahn zieht und der von der Erde aus nicht wahrgenommen werden kann und durch das System geistert, denn ich denke, dass dieser nichts mit dem Dunkelstern Nemesis zu tun hat, oder?

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That is right. Its size is about ten times smaller than the SOL itself, whereby this twin also has its own planets orbiting around it, as you have known since Das ist richtig. The Sun, that is to say, SOL does not stand still in outer space; rather it turns, indeed in its own sweeping circle, around an imaginary midpoint.

Die Sonne resp. I did not know that. And why, so far, have the terrestrial astronomers not yet discovered the Dark Star? Aha, das wusste ich nicht. Und warum haben bisher die irdischen Astronomen den Dunkelstern noch nicht entdeckt? The hitherto existing astronomical technical equipment and devices are still not suitable. But it is only a question of time until a corresponding discovery occurs.

The currently existing technical devices are not yet capable, however, of capturing the extremely faint light of the Dark Star and its satellites. And regarding that, to which the changes relate, in the Oort cloud, evoked by the Dark Star; the basis is that an enormous movement occurs in the innumerable — existing in billions — numbers of smallest, small, large and largest rock, ice and metal fragment formations, and sometimes great structures are hurled out as meteors from the Oort cloud, into orbits of the inner SOL system.

A large chain of such meteors is, already for many decades, underway into the inner SOL system and has partly already passed the Earth or exploded high in its atmosphere. This is happening because of the Dark Star which has long since penetrated directly into the effective range of the Oort cloud, and since then evokes severe disturbances.

Es ist aber nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis eine entsprechende Entdeckung erfolgt.


Then, from out of there, maybe new and still unknown comets and meteors can reach into the inner solar system and in the area of the Earth, as is also indeed the case with respect to objects in the asteroid belt? And as I am already at this, I ask myself whether it is because, even with these projectiles from the Oort cloud, it is the case that some are circling in twos and threes, or that some are circled by small satellites like moons, as is the case for the larger asteroids, as I was allowed to observe from your Great Spacer in on my Great Trip.

But what has happened to that very long, dark meteor-chain which emerged from the Oort cloud, which was on course for Earth, which you reported to me privately at the start of? Are these meteors still underway into the inner SOL system and to Earth? Was ist aber mit jener sehr langen Dunkel-Meteorkette geschehen, die aus der Oortschen Wolke auf Kurs zur Erde war, wovon du mir privat anfangs berichtet hast?

It was and is really a very long chain of meteors, which was catapulted out of the Oort cloud, and which found its way into the inner solar system, including the Earth. Some of the larger meteors of this very long chain, as I have just explained, have already passed near to, or more distant from, the Earth.