Manual Events: Von der Planung und den Schwierigkeiten bei der Umsetzung (German Edition)

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This lecture gives a step-by-step tutorial on how such vid To be specific, we will use a credit-card printed with markers, which will be detected using the Aruco library shipping with OpenCV. The resulting position and orientation will then be used to render a 3D representation of an official ID card with arbitrary information.

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The 3D representation will be rendered using OpenGL. A shader will compose its look using several layered textures. Additionally, skin detection will be used to create a skin mask in the area of the card to avoid rendering over fingers held in front of it. Finally, the input image, the known position and orientation of the card, the rendered fake card and the skin mask will be composed to a convincing output image - ready to be presented to the call center agent. Ziel dabei ist gemeinsam ein ande Krankenkassen wurden zur Rasterfahndung in Gesundheitsdaten verpflichtet, um "Missbrauch von Versicherungsleistungen" zu verhindern.

It turns out that some apps routinely send Facebook information about your device and us It turns out that some apps routinely send Facebook information about your device and usage patterns - the second the app is opened.

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Warum solltet ihr euch beteiligen, was gibt es dabei zu beachten und zu gewinnen? We need at least 8 Robots to participate, if we have more, we'll Let's build funny robots and let them fight each other as long as we are superior to them : Please let's dishonor high tech and celebrate everything made out of stuff we usually throw away and blinks. We need at least 8 Robots to participate, if we have more, we'll bring this to the battlefield. Chaos meets Poetry Slam. Der humoristische Dichterwettstreit mit Informatikhintergrund.

Hierbei geht es um einen Wettkampf bei dem selbstgeschriebene Texte live vorgetragen werden. Prosa, Lyrik, lustige Geschichte, das ist eure Wahl. Die Session findet ihr zeitnah im Event-Wiki. Das Siegertreppchen darf sich schon auf tolle Preise freuen.

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Also schnell anmelden! Radical Digital Painting groups and presents several ideas and artifacts related to contemporary painting and contextualizes its connection to historical processes and digital technology.

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It is inspired by and is a continuation of Radical Computer Through demonstrative, interactive performance lectures, American artist and educator Jeffrey Alan Scudder presents homegrown software inventions and new theories about painting and picture making. Painting software today has largely developed out of a need for traditional artists to keep up pace of work in large scale mass media production pipelines, like those of video games and movies.

Few systems have been developed to explore the spontaneity and spirituality present in modernism and contemporary art and further develop the language of painting in general. Jeffrey has created several programs that highlight abstract expressivity, play, and improvisation over production quality and technical control. Why do navigation systems have feminine voices? We know Tay, Eliza, Siri not only as female names, but also as chatbots and software, which directly interact with humans.

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  4. El Viaje del Pequeño Ratoncito: El Ratoncito Aventurero se va a Explorar el Mundo, Hace Nuevos Amigos y Descubre Quién es en Realidad (Spanish Edition).
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Although computer programs are per se genderless, gender seems not to be can This talk aims to examine how we map gender on computers and machines. This includes looking at software in machine-human interaction, as well as digging deeper into a cultural history of imagining and building human-like machines.

To look at this, two view points are taken; In the examples of the virtual assistants; What do the responses these devices give in conversation reveal about their design? What are the expectations and projections users map onto a machine when they interact with it? This connects to the cultural imagining of machines as subjects, which has been pondered in literature and film before and parallel to technical research.

From 18th century clockwork powered figures, that wrote and played music, to 19th century literature, in which young men fall in love with piano playing automata to A. This talk tries to explore the relations between design and perception of machines and the dynamics in between.

We mostly see with the mind, and the mind is flexible. For the four hundred million people with amblyopia lazy eye , their brain encountered an installation error when linking both eyes as babies. As a "Plan B", their brain switched one eye off By providing an open set of tools for creating comparable experiments, our goal is not just to provide a tool, and a set of tools for building more tools, but to provide the basis for one of the world's largest open-science experiments.

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Nobody claims to have predictive scientific models of how the visual system works in its entirety, and that means there is still so much more to discover. What we can do is to comparatively explore which techniques and approaches have which effects on opening visual perceptions, and thereby drive our understanding of the system forward on a theoretical and practical level.

Every year since on the 28C3 we organize a Capture the Flag contest for people on the Congress and from all over the world. This year we want to give you an overview about what a CTF is, the challenges, the players, the community and how much Capture the Flag competitions started to become a thing in the infosec community more than 20 years ago. When we started playing they were casual games to improve our skill set every now and then on weekends with a bunch of friends.

So what is it all about? For the past 7 years, we organized the C3 CTF with a variety of challenges that try to be oriented towards real-world scenarios. The range of topics include reverse engineering, crypto graphy and web, and of course good old binary exploitation.

If you solve a task, you get a flag. As simple as that. For the second time this year, we also run a separate, entry-level CTF designed for folks who do not like spending 48 hours on a single challenge. We are honored that over a thousand teams are playing with us every year from every corner of the world, and trolling our IRC channels. We will present some challenges from this year's contest to give you an idea what you are up to when you decide to play.

You will see how to solve our challenges even if you never played a CTF before. We realize that everybody needs t Wir stellen zwei Projekte mit unterschiedlich Darauf wollen wir auch angesichts der anstehe Was die noch nicht einmal beendeten Untersuchungen bisher ergeben haben, wollen wir zusammenfassen. Denn dass sie mindestens dazu beitrugen, die Wahlergebnisse zu beeinflussen, ist nun nachvollziehbar.

Previously auf media. Have you ever wanted to trace all syscalls or dump all IPC traffic across a Linux system? Until recently, doing so may have required some significant setup involving a half-baked tracing kernel module, a custom kernel module, or even using a kerne It is a redesign of the original BPF bytecode VM used, typically in userspace, to power features like tcpdump filters. In the Linux kernel BPF and eBPF have been applied to various different kernel features, from programmatic syscall filtering for sandboxing to performing efficient custom packet processing inline on the kernel's network data plane.

In this talk, we will first introduce and briefly discuss the internals of the eBPF implementation in the Linux kernel, its features, and the current set of components that it may be integrated with. We will also briefly cover how eBPF does not intrinsically make C code secure and demonstrate how using eBPF instead of other, more mature, technologies may introduce vulnerabilities. Transform your career and organization. Unlock new capabilities, learn how to reinvent processes, innovate faster and create value that will change the game.

Dell Technologies Tour is a mobile product experience that visits our customers across the nation to showcase our latest Client and Infrastructure technology in a fun, interactive way. Dell is committed to empowering filmmakers, editors, and others in the media and entertainment industry and excited to be the official technology sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are improving the ability of computers to improve human lives more than any other technology. Die Rolle zivilgesellschaftlicher Organisationen hat sich dabei in den letzten 20 Jahren sichtbar gewandelt.

The focus of the conference is on concrete steps towards a society beyond the imperative of growth. The conference will give room for scientific debates, exchange between activists and economic pioneers as well as artistic approaches to the subject. Both scientific insights and concrete projects and policies will be presented, experimented with and discussed. It is part of an international cycle of events: so far, there have been conferences on degrowth in Paris , in Barcelona and in Venice and Montreal It is high time to develop economic and social models that are independent of growth and can provide for a good life for everybody.

For further information, please refer to the degrowth website. Ohne eine Einigung in dieser Frage wird es weder zu einem neuen Weltklimavertrag noch zu einer globalen Entwicklungsagenda kommen, die diesen Namen verdient. Wir laden Sie ein, sich an dieser Diskussion zu beteiligen. So hat z. Was sind die Vor-und Nachteile der bisherigen Modelle?

Gibt es Alternativen? They should integrate all three dimensions social, economic and environmental of sustainable development and be applicable to all countries in the world — including Germany. But, realising these goals will only be possible if governments undertake, inter alia, the necessary reforms in their tax and budget policies. In other words, they had to formulate Sustainable Development Budgets in order to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

At our roundtable discussion we would like to discuss what has to be done to turn public budgets towards sustainability. How can public budgets be designed to address human rights, social, environmental and economic objectives simultaneously? We will discuss these questions with representatives of pioneering budget monitoring and alternative budget initiatives from different parts of the world.

What can we learn from these initiatives for Germany? Die Erwartungen an das neue Forum sind unter Regierungen und zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisationen gespalten. Berlin: SWP. Juni - Uhr.

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Juni in Nordirland statt. Auf der Agenda stehen auch entwicklungspolitisch relevante Themen. Was ist von diesem Gipfel zu erwarten und wie sind die neuen Initiativen der G8 aus entwicklungspolitischer Perspektive zu bewerten? Wir laden Sie herzlich zu einem Workshop am Mittwoch, dem 5.